A California Liquor Store Owner is a Hero After a Robbery

If you want to open your own California liquor store, you’ll need a liquor store license. There are several ways to get this license. First, you can purchase an existing store. If you buy an existing store, you can keep its current license. Then, you can apply for a new liquor store license, which is similar to the existing one. You can find the forms you need online, or you can contact the CA ABC. The licensing process is relatively simple and should only cost you a few hundred dollars.

Cope was a beloved father, grandfather, ‘great boss’ and now a hero

Craig Cope was a beloved father, grandfather and ‘great boss’, and he’s now a hero at a California liquor store. Cope shot at an intruder who shouted,’shoot my arm!’ The 23-year-old suspect fled the scene with three other suspects.

He was caught on video opening fire at a would-be robber with a shotgun

A shotgun-wielding California liquor store owner was caught on video opening fire at a would be robber. The would-be robber was shot in the arm, and the gun-wielding store owner suffered a heart attack as a result. He’s recovering at home, but may soon cut his hours back.

The suspect was wearing a red and black sweatshirt and ski mask. The California online liquor store elderly store owner noticed that the suspect was armed and he quickly grabbed a shotgun from under the counter and fired in the direction of the suspect. He was critically injured, but survived.

He is now a hero

A California liquor store is now a hero after a robbery. Craig Cope, 80, fired a shotgun at an armed intruder early on Saturday. He was at his Norco Market & Liquor store in Norco, California, when the robbery occurred. Cope fired the shotgun at the suspect, an armed man who was carrying an AR-15 rifle.

Cope’s father had a degree in accounting, but he was unable to find a job in his field. So he invested in the liquor store to make ends meet. He took over the business from his parents in 2008, when the economy was suffering. He gathered tips from other liquor stores to improve the business and turned it into a hot spot for beer lovers. The store has since drawn a number of celebrities.

He owned Ranch Spirits in Concord, Calif.

For most of his life, Salvio was a wine and spirits business owner. He also had a home in San Jose and raised chickens. He later moved to Concord, California, and took in some of the hens when he first moved there. Today, he works for the Federal Trade Commission as an inspector.