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Cleaning kitchen hoods is an important part of keeping a restaurant clean

Cleaning kitchen hoods is an important part of keeping a restaurant clean and safe. Hood cleaning removes hazardous particles from the air and reduces the risk of fire. It also keeps the hood’s interior clean. This is especially true if the hood is used to exhaust grease.

NFPA-96, the nation’s standard for hood cleaning, specifies that the frequency of cleaning should depend on the volume of grease-laden vapors drawn up through the hood plenum. Most commercial hoods should be cleaned at least quarterly. However, certain circumstances may require more frequent cleanings. The type of food being cooked will also determine the frequency of cleaning. If there are high volumes of cooking, a cleaning should be done once or twice a week.

Hood cleaning is often a service that can be performed by a professional. During this service, the entire hood and its components are removed and scrubbed. To do this, the technician will clean the floor, the walls, and the plenum area. They will also polish the hood’s interior and exterior. Usually, this can take three to four hours.

Typically, hood cleaning services will use hot water power washing. A cleaning solution of warm water and liquid degreaser is used to scrub the hood. A soft-bristle brush is then used to wash the hood’s interior. After the hood has been scrubbed, it is rinsed with water. Finally, a separate towel is used to dry the hood’s interior.

Other services can be performed to protect the roof of your restaurant from deterioration. Grease on the roof is a common problem. It can lead to costly repairs and EPA/OSHA violations. In addition, greasy residue can form employee hazard zones. Keeping the roof of a restaurant clean is a preventative measure that can help to avoid fire hazards.

Another type of cleaning that can be performed is the cleaning of the duct work. Restaurants often have duct work that extends through the roof. Contractors will use a pressure washer on the duct work, or they might manually scrub the ductwork. Depending on the type of equipment used, additional dirt build-up can occur. When cleaning the duct work, the contractor will use brushes or scrapers.

Some contractors will also use steam cleaners. Using these methods can result in a 75% reduction in hood cleanings. Additionally, a company may provide hinge kits that Hood Cleaning allow them to gain access to the ductwork. These kits ensure that the roof is not damaged during the cleaning process.

Kitchen hoods are a crucial component of any restaurant. Whether you operate a quick-serve restaurant or a fine dining restaurant, it is important to keep them in good working order. By scheduling regular cleanings, your restaurant will have a healthier and safer environment.

Before you hire a cleaning service, you will need to know exactly what your hoods and fans need. An inspection is the most critical step in the cleaning process. During an inspection, the cleaning technician will check for noises and vibrations in the fans. Also, they will look for signs of damage to the hood or other parts of the hood.