How to Get Approved For Custom Shoots on Shutterstock

A big downside to custom shoots is that the images you create may not have much value as stock photos in the future. After all, these photos were created specifically for a particular customer and therefore, may not be suitable for the stock photo market. Additionally, photographers are unlikely to give you permission to use unaccepted outtakes from the shoot. This may cause art directors to find cheaper options when it comes to hiring a photographer.

OnRequest assignments

OnRequest can make it easy to create custom shots for your clients. Creating custom shots for clients is a great way to showcase your expertise in this field. This assignment type allows you to upload a video and choose the location, lighting, and other features. With custom shots, you can create stunning images for your clients that will turn heads.


To use custom shots on Shutterstock, you must submit your own content to the site. Once you’ve uploaded your content, you can create a personalized portfolio page and track your earnings. Once approved, you can use your custom shots on a wide range of projects. These shots can be used commercially or for editorial purposes.

Custom shots on Shutterstock are typically less expensive than paid photos on other sites. ThisĀ stock photos means that they’re ideal for small budgets. In addition, contributors don’t need to incur a lot of travel expenses and can shoot near their homes.

Getty Images

Before you submit custom shots, you should understand what you need to do to get them approved. First of all, you must make sure that the content does not contain any copyrighted materials. This includes any literary, dramatic, architectural, or pictorial works. If you submit an image that violates the rights of its creator, Getty Images will not accept it. Also, you should take the necessary steps to ensure that there are no visible logos in the image.

Getty Images and Shutterstock offer high-quality editorial images. While both have a large selection, Getty has exclusive content and lower prices per image. They are also ideal for aspiring photographers looking to make some extra cash or monetize the pictures left over from previous shoots. While both services have their advantages, Getty Images is the better choice if you need a large editorial image library for your business.

The Luupe

Luupe offers a one-stop production platform for brands and photographers to collaborate on custom shots. The platform is comprised of professional photographers from diverse backgrounds who are able to capture the exact vision brands are seeking. In addition, Luupe’s diverse roster of photographers includes many women who work for big-name brands.

Pete Coco

The studio of Pete Coco Photography is located in Garden City, New York. Just minutes from the Nassau Coliseum, Adelphi University, and Hofstra University, it is convenient to major highways and the Long Island Rail Road. The studio is housed in a storefront on Nassau Boulevard. This convenient location makes it easy to reach from any direction.