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Lift Servicing Checklist

Lift maintenance is an important part of ensuring that your lifts are safe for passengers and building occupants. Regular service and inspections can help identify any problems that may arise, allowing them to be addressed quickly before they become more serious. This helps keep lift uptime high, minimises the risk of a breakdown and keeps your building in compliance with safety standards.

Lifts can be very complex pieces of equipment, with many moving parts that must be kept in good working order. For this reason, it’s important to have a lift servicing checklist in place to ensure that all necessary checks are carried out. This is particularly the case if you have a large number of lifts that need to be maintained at once.

Using a lift servicing checklist is the easiest way to make sure that all necessary repairs are completed, and that your lifts are safe for use. A lift maintenance checklist can also help reduce the number of lift outages caused by preventable issues, which can have a significant impact on your business operations. Whether you need to create a lift maintenance checklist for one or several elevators, DataMyte’s digital clipboard software has everything you need.

What is a Lift Maintenance Checklist?

A lift maintenance checklist is a document that is used to record the work carried out by an engineer during an inspection or maintenance visit. It typically includes a list of items that must be checked for the safety and performance of the lift, including the shaft or structure, motor room and other internal areas. During a maintenance visit, an engineer will typically need to inspect each of these items, which means that the lift will need to be out of action while this is being done.

As well as checking for mechanical problems, a thorough inspection will also include testing the operation of any safety features and emergency systems. This will typically include a test of the emergency call system to ensure that it works as intended, and that there are sufficient communication lines in place to allow passengers to call for assistance if needed.

Other essential tasks on a lift servicing checklist include cleaning the hoistway and pit area, as well as routine lubrication of moving parts to prevent wear and tear. This can be an especially important step for those with lifts that carry heavy or vulnerable passengers. In addition to preventing damage, it can also help maintain the appearance of your lifts and improve their performance.

Although it may be tempting to cut corners and skip lift maintenance, this is not advisable. Not only does it put the safety of your passengers at risk, but it can also lead to costly repairs in the future. In addition, minor problems are likely to worsen if left unaddressed, so it’s worth investing in regular lift servicing and inspections to protect your investment and ensure the continued smooth operation of your lifts.