Safety Features of Work Alone Apps

There are a lot of safety features that you can enjoy with a work alone app. The main features include: monitoring your location, man down detection, and automatic check-ins with your home. It also allows you to set alerts for emergencies or high-risk situations. In addition, it is possible to set up a daily reminder to check in with the app.

Monitors location

The Work alone app Canada helps employers monitor the whereabouts of their lone workers. The app uses GPS positioning to pinpoint each employee’s location and sends daily reports. These reports are used to confirm the safety of the team. In case of an emergency, the Work alone app can contact the employer or the customer service center to provide assistance. The app can be customized to provide the right level of visibility and control over the location of an employee.

Checks for man down

The Work alone app Canada checks for man down is a safety device that is a useful addition to any workplace. It detects if a worker is sitting down or not moving by using a motion sensor. TheĀ Go here app dispatches an alert when the motion sensor senses a lack of movement or horizontal tilt. It’s not intrusive like other man down solutions, and it also has features like tilt recalibration, a sleep timer, and pre-alarm configuration.

Checks for high risk

The Work alone app Canada can help organizations monitor their at-risk and work-alone personnel. The app connects to a cloud-based hub that tracks lone workers’ locations and provides real-time updates. The app also provides notification options through SMS text message. If a lone worker fails to check in, they can be immediately alerted and sent back to their place of work.

Automatic check-ins with home

If you’re a lone worker, automatic check-ins with home on work alone apps can help you monitor your activities. This app sends text messages to your designate when the worker starts working alone, and you can also call them directly to remind them to check in. The app also offers other features, such as man down detection, which can help ensure staff safety.

Man down detection

Man Down detection is a feature that works to keep lone workers safer. It works by monitoring a worker’s movement and notifying their monitor if movement is interrupted. This way, the worker can check in if they need help. It also helps reduce false alarms.

Man down check-ins with home

Work alone apps provide lone workers with a number of features that keep them safer. They can check in regularly, receive alerts when they are away, and detect when they are in danger. The app can also detect when a worker moves, and can notify their employer of their whereabouts in the event of an emergency. These features have made work alone apps the top rated lone worker apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.