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Truck Accident Attorneys

Commercial truck accidents are much more devastating than collisions involving other vehicles. This is because large trucks weigh several tons and can do more damage than most passenger cars, even if they are driving at the same speed. Furthermore, most trucking companies and their insurance providers have substantial resources that can put crash victims at an unfair disadvantage. An experienced Sacramento truck accident advocate can help you level the playing field and ensure your legal rights are protected.

Truck accident cases are complex, often involving multiple defendants and unique issues such as log book manipulation, cargo loading, maintenance issues, and driver fatigue. Unlike ordinary car accident cases, they often require expert testimony from medical professionals and forensic researchers to prove the case. A Sacramento truck accident lawyer is a crucial asset in this type of case because they can conduct extensive research and investigation to uncover hidden evidence.

A Sacramento truck accident attorney can assist you in filing a personal injury claim against the truck driver and their employer if they were negligent in causing your injuries. This includes allegations of vicarious liability if the trucking company failed to follow proper hiring and training practices, resulting in a crash with one of its employees. Your attorney may also use evidence such as the trucking company’s hiring records and recorded policies to establish liability for your injuries.

If a truck accident was caused by defective parts, a Sacramento truck accident advocate can investigate the manufacturing process to determine if all standards were adhered to. He or she can also examine the vehicle’s maintenance and repair records to identify issues such as overly worn tires, improper lubrication, and faulty brakes. A Experienced Sacramento truck accident lawyer near me can also help victims file a product liability claim against manufacturers for producing unsafe products.

Another common cause of trucking accidents is the over-loading of long and short haul trucks. This can cause the truck to become unstable and difficult to control. This can lead to accidents with smaller vehicles or pedestrians, or it could rollover the truck.

Intersections in Sacramento are notorious for being dangerous because of high traffic volumes, limited visibility and a confusing mix of lanes and movements. Some of the most dangerous intersections include those with railroad tracks, curves, and left-turn lanes. In addition, intersections with excessive pedestrian activity can cause accidents.