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Mastering Twitch VOD Preservation: A Guide for Streamers

Twitch is a popular video game live stream platform that’s home to millions of players, both casual gamers and professional esports players. One feature that many streamers use is VODs, or Video on Demand. VODs are recordings of past streams that can be viewed at any time, which is helpful for streamers who want to keep their content for longer and provide a resource for viewers who missed their favorite stream.

If you’re a viewer, it’s also great to be able to Save Twitch VODs, as they allow you to watch your favorite game or tournament at any time. This article will walk you through how to save Twitch VODs so that you can enjoy them whenever you like.

The easiest way to save a Twitch VOD is to simply use the built-in video editor, which is available in your Creator Dashboard. Head to the Content tab, and then select Video Producer. Once you’re in the Video Producer, find a past broadcast that you want to save, and then click Highlight on the right side of the screen. This will automatically save the video to your Highlights section, where it won’t expire and can be watched at any time.

You can also manually save a VOD by using the three stacked dots in the bottom corner of the video, and then selecting Download. This will download a high-quality version of the video to your computer, which you can then upload elsewhere or keep as a backup.

As a streamer, you can enable VOD recording for your stream in the Settings menu of your profile. Once you’ve done this, any recordings made during your streams will be saved as VODs on Twitch, which can be viewed at any time. However, there’s a limit to how long these VODs stay on the site: 14 days for regular users, and 60 days for Twitch Partners, Amazon Prime members, and Turbo subscribers. Once this period is over, the VODs will be deleted.

If you’d like to extend this time, you can do so by flipping the switch in your VOD settings to “Always Publish.” This will make sure that all of your recorded broadcasts are available as VODs on your channel.

To maximize your VOD exposure, it’s important to work on improving your streaming quality and making your streams as entertaining as possible. Creating engaging content, being active in the chat, and playing popular games can all help you attract more views. Also, promoting your VODs on social media and other platforms can bring in new followers and help you grow your audience. Lastly, editing your VODs and Highlights can improve the overall quality of your content and increase your engagement with your viewers. Finally, enabling captions and subtitles on your videos can make them more accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing, which is helpful for viewers with accessibility issues.